Fruit Juice Drops launched in North America

Paradise Fruits (Paradies Früchte) was established in 1986 in Northern Germany as part of the fifth generation Jahncke Family Group. Its success and ability to deliver innovative and high quality fruit solutions has seen the company grow to become a trusted partner to many of today’s leading-brand food manufacturers, marketers and own-brand retailers from around the world.

Its offices in the US have been quietly building a dedicated client base, and as Managing Director Jonathan Brownbill says, “we’ve been working long and hard to establish ourselves in the North American market, and this new line enables us to talk to a whole new range of potential customers who may not realize that we’re out there”.

Made using only the best fruit ingredients available, Paradise Fruit’s ‘Fruit Juice Drops’ feature 80% fruit juice content. They’re clean label, delicious and versatile enough to eat straight from the packet, or perfect for secondary processing by chocolatiers or bakers. Made with a unique pectin structure, the fruit juice drops are natural, preservative free and feature no High Fructose Corn Syrup or added fats, gels or waxes. 

The opportunity was identified in late 2010, when an apparent market shortage occurred. Responding to the needs of a key customer, Paradise Fruits soon realized the in-house expertise and production capability would allow them to create a rapid and seamless solution to enable the customer to stay in the market. 

“We know this format is also of interest to chocolate manufacturers for example who are seeking to keep their brands fresh and relevant with high-fruit inclusions to meet the demands of an increasingly sophisticated consumer. The soft, round shape is perfect for enrobing or panning, and the fruit and chocolate pairing creates a better-for-you indulgent treat”, says Brownbill.

Another use is proposed for fresh baking; when baked the ‘Fruit Juice Drop’ softens to become a jammy fruit spot in muffin, bread or cake.  This product offers a different, juicier mouth feel and flavor experience that can’t be matched by raisins or other dried fruits.